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Subject:  Re: Greetings, Fool! Date:  1/15/2007  9:00 PM
Author:  LLobinske Number:  2 of 7

Wow, what a surprise! I've had a grand total of one post and thought it would be cool to see a comic book board in Hobbies & Interests. Wasn't sure if I thought I would get it - certainly didn't expect it this fast! Wow. (I thought that was worth repeating.) And cool.

Okay, well, I guess I'll introduce myself. My name is Louise Lobinske and I was thrilled to hear that Marvel was a Fool recommendation. So I bought it for my IRA. I've been reading comics off and on (mostly on) for the last 29 years, My first comic (worth mentioning) was a copy - battered by now, I'm sure - of Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #18. My current subscriptions include most of the Spider-Man books, Ultimate FF, Powers and (just so you don't think I'm a complete Marvel zombie) Ex Machina and Planetary. I'm hopelessly behind on Spawn and wish I had the money to buy Witchblade on a regular basis. I enjoyed the Witchblade and Birds of Prey series - just sorry they were so short-lived. My greatest dream come true as a long-time comic fan in general (and Spidey fan in particular) was seeing the first Spider-Man movie, which, yes, actually brought tears to my eyes. The best comic book movie ever made, however, I have to say that honor goes to Batman Begins. It just raised the bar so high; I was completely blown away (found the Tim Burton movies UNWATCHABLE by comparison). In other DC stuff, I really liked the George Perez Wonder Woman (and still miss her).

Okay, that's plenty about my comic preferences to start with. Now it's your turn. What do you read? What do you think of Marvel's Civil War? What about the trend toward making comic books more TV-like - good, bad, or otherwise? Do you think I'm crazy for liking Spider-Man so much?

I guess it was pretty forward of me to request a new board, being so new here and all...Hope you all don't mind. I'm really surprised there wasn't a comic book board here already.

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