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Subject:  Re: Hearing aid. Date:  1/21/2007  11:39 AM
Author:  arahfool Number:  11043 of 19741

Excellent post Andy.

Your situation pretty much mirrors mine as far as hearing loss.

I went through all of the tests to identify the types of sounds and words I was missing. The tests were performed by a licensed Audiologist and Hearing Instrument Specialist.

I was 1st fitted with a pair of BTE's (behind the ear) that I tested for 2 weeks. While some sounds were improved, the overall experiences with wind noise, sudden loud noises, eating and such were unsatisfactory. I had them 'adjusted' twice but decided the 'improvements' were overshadowed by the negatives.

Next, I was fitted with a pair of CIC's (completely in the canal) with pretty much the same results though the wind noise issue was resolved with these (as an avid golfer that is important to me).

As other posters have mentioned, hearing aids will not restore your hearing though you will certainly hear better and also hear some sounds that you have been missing. Whether they can be adjusted to satisfy was not proven to me. I guess I am kind of looking for an aid similar to reading glasses with the same ease of use, if not cost. Failing that I will only consider an aid that I have more 'contro