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Subject:  Re: Hearing aid. Date:  1/21/2007  1:26 PM
Author:  riverfloat Number:  11044 of 20640


FYI-my hearing aids do have a small remote that allows me to change programs (see below) and adjust the volume (both ears only). I can also easily adjust volume or program on each ear with easy access controls on the aids themselves. What I hae found in my 2 months wearing is that I (virtually) never adjust them or change programs. They seem to be set just fine. FYI, volume is capped so you can't turn it up too high.

Programs - my aids can have up to three different program settings based on the results of testing. The computer determined that I only need 2 programs at this time, Prog 1 for everything except Prog 2 - Telephone. Fact is, Prog 1 is just fine for phone (home & cell), so I don't use Prog 2.

Wind is occasionally noticeable, I have adjusted volume down on rare occassion while walking but for the most part it's not an issue.

After my 1st 2 wks I went back because I regularly thought it sounded like my head was in a drum. The computer took this info as well as what their built in tracker collected (info about use, adjustments, enviroment, etc.-smart little thing) resulting in a lower default volume setting and less base which pretty much solved the problem.

One more thing - IIRC, the tech said they have a life expectancy of 5-7 years unless you do something really stupid to them.

Hope that helps,


...Hope I don't sound like I'm selling, just mean to be accurately reporting my experience.
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