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Personal Finances / Credit Cards and Consumer Debt


Subject:  nebroots February budget Date:  1/24/2007  2:20 PM
Author:  nebroots Number:  246020 of 309665

Well, I've turned in my billable hours, gathered up my bills, calculated
and recalculated. I have two goals for the next month. 1: not to 
increase the credit card debt and 2: stick to these numbers. It's going 
to be difficult; you'll soon see why:


DH                 $3100
Contract work       2370
rent                 775
gift                 200
total:            $$6445 (seems like a lot, until I watch it disappear)


Mortgage           $1730
rental mort          571
my student loan      375
Discover             525*
WF card              227*

Gas/Elec             523**
Water                220***
cell phones           60
cable co.            106****

life insurance        26
gym                   20
karate                80
school lunch          20
CE class             189 (already wrote check)
doctor bills          60

Shiny New ING acct    78 (already opened/transferred)

gas/groceries/spend 1500 (300/week per accessed on Sunday. Counting last                      
                           Sunday in January in this)

cushion              135 
        Total:     $6445
*This is the finance charge plus all new spending on the last billing 

**This is two bills, Nov-Dec and Dec-Jan. I missed paying these bills in

***Again two bills, also, this is for our house and the rental (about 65
 ours, 45 rental)

****put down those machetes! This is for television, internet, and a 
landline phone. The contract for this price ends Feb 20th. I plan to 
cancel the television, need the internet for wo