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Subject:  nebroots February budget Date:  1/24/2007  2:20 PM
Author:  nebroots Number:  246020 of 312189

Well, I've turned in my billable hours, gathered up my bills, calculated
and recalculated. I have two goals for the next month. 1: not to 
increase the credit card debt and 2: stick to these numbers. It's going 
to be difficult; you'll soon see why:


DH                 $3100
Contract work       2370
rent                 775
gift                 200
total:            $$6445 (seems like a lot, until I watch it disappear)


Mortgage           $1730
rental mort          571
my student loan      375
Discover             525*
WF card              227*

Gas/Elec             523**
Water                220***
cell phones           60
cable co.            106****

life insurance        26
gym                   20
karate                80
school lunch          20
CE class             189 (already wrote check)
doctor bills          60

Shiny New ING acct    78 (already opened/transferred)

gas/groceries/spend 1500 (300/week per accessed on Sunday. Counting last                      
                           Sunday in January in this)

cushion              135 
        Total:     $6445
*This is the finance charge plus all new spending on the last billing 

**This is two bills, Nov-Dec and Dec-Jan. I missed paying these bills in

***Again two bills, also, this is for our house and the rental (about 65
 ours, 45 rental)

****put down those machetes! This is for television, internet, and a 
landline phone. The contract for this price ends Feb 20th. I plan to 
cancel the television, need the internet for work, and am up in the air
on the phone. 

Oh my (insert diety of your choice) we're cutting it close.

My billables for last month weren't great, but weren't bad. I made the 
$2370 even with being on vacation for 5 days and having some sick 
children and a sick babysitter. The good news is that I've had lots of 
positive feedback and it's been indicated that there is plenty of work 

You don't see car information b/c our cars are paid for, our insurance
 is due next month (hopefully I'll have some of the 135 cushion to go 
towards that) and both just got oil changes, etc. Obviously we're 
counting on no break downs.

Gulp, here goes (hits "submit message")

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