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Subject:  Re: nebroots February budget Date:  1/25/2007  11:03 AM
Author:  nebroots Number:  246114 of 312188

Thanks all for the continuing thoughts.

electrasmom & determinedmom, I think a spreadsheet would appeal to me. Right now I'm writing everything down in a spirial notebook, and on Saturdays I total up all the categories and also total up any change in our debt amounts. This month, the debt amounts shouldn't go up, if we stick to the not using the cards at all plan.

OUOD, I see the point of using a card for the convenience/etc. My husband and I are talking about whether we will use cash or the debit card for the gas/groceries during this month. From my perspective, the advantage of cash is you can see it dwindling. The advantage of the debit card is it eliminates my particular trip-up of thinking of money in two places as being twice as much money. If I get a spreadsheet, or even just update my notebook every day, I really think a card would be my preference; what I need to eliminate is any thoughts of "well, we're over by 65 this week, we'll just take that out of next week".

YeilB, I hear ya about the envelope system. It works about 50% of the time for me, the other times I engage in mental money-juggling tha gets me in trouble. I realize it's not the envelope that's getting me in trouble, but the operator of the envelope :)

GS, as I've begun this particular work, the "hourly wage" test has really been driven home to me. I can't wait until we're at the point where I'm thinking, "If I work X more hours, I'll have another $500 to put into our retirement account." ;)

Oh, and some good news! My husband's move up the salary scale is effective this month. I think this will result in his takehome being increased by about 350-400. A little more breathing room and a bit more to throw at the Great Debt Reduction Project of '07.

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