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Subject:  "Efficient Frontier"Allocation Date:  2/3/2007  7:05 PM
Author:  pch1138 Number:  21589 of 25822


I have been in a 401k for almost 10 years. When I first started, I didn't know any better so I had most of my money in bond funds because I thought since I had a long time to retirement, I could afford to be conservative (I guess you'd call it a "slow but sure" philosophy). After a year or two I decided I could afford to be risky so I put most of my money into a New Opportunities fund my plan has. My money grew quite well, but thought this was too risky. That is when I discovered the Fool and put everything into the Vanguard 500. Good thing because that is when a lot of funds started to tank (I still lost, but not nearly as much as I could have - I got lucky with the timing when I pulled out - right at the peak. Dumb luck). About 2-3 years ago I finally bought into t