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Subject:  Re: Staying Socially Active in Retirement Date:  2/4/2007  2:11 PM
Author:  AngelMay Number:  272 of 117554

The trick is to find something that makes the world a better place that you can do with a glad heart. Arrete's birds are a good example.
I hope it's OK if I say something even though I'm from "that other board".

I went through a lot of false starts before I ended up rehabbing songbirds. All with the same organization. First I worked on the hotline. Later, I got dragooned into co-running the hotline AND (in a moment of weakness - I was on Percocet) agreeing to be on the board of directors. That was a big mistake (I'm not the right type), but it did allow me to see how non-supportive the board was of the hotline and rehabbers in general. Quite a shock.

So I quietly faded away and became a rehab apprentice and later full up rehabber. I enjoy it very much, but it took 3 years to get there.

Finding the right fit isn't always easy.


It's interesting that almost everything I've been interested in seems to be run by people who all have god-complexes or something. Their way is the only way. They get sniffy and huffy when other ways of doing things are suggested.

People tend to get their little niches and they dig in - and they don't want any newcomer rocking their boats. I've seen this in churches (of all places) and in political parties and in boards of communities and in small groups who meet for fun.

The big picture seems to get crushed under the egos who want to be (have to be) in charge.

Makes napping on the sofa under my blankie seem like a really peaceful, pleasant, and comfortable thing to do. And my cat thinks it's just wonderful. She likes taking naps with mommie under the blankie.


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