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Subject:  Re: Staying Socially Active in Retirement Date:  2/5/2007  1:37 PM
Author:  tenworlds Number:  378 of 73684

I have no delusions or illusions about it, though. I know going in that we will never get anywhere near our money back out of it when we are finally tired of motoring around and decide to sell it. That's important to realize right up front, I think.

Consider 'pre-owned'. I have a friend who bought one of those beasts the size of a Greyhound VistaCruiser. It had sections that 'expanded' the living room and bedroom when it was parked. Full bath, plus a washer and dryer set-up. The kitchen had a dishwasher. It had two generators, one being for 'back-up'. I swear, it was larger than some apartments I've had.
Anyway, he had it for ab