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Subject:  Re: what about healthcare? Date:  2/5/2007  3:07 PM
Author:  decath Number:  423 of 116388


figured it was pretty much inevitable that a few in the RECF (the new name works since it's really "Retire Early Conservative Fools") crowd would need to come over here to troll. If they didn't have that kind of personality, there wouldn't be any need for this board. The atmosphere there is poisonous because it's a home for posters who aren't merely conservative - which would be fine - but hate liberals with a passion.

It's the same as the fundies who occasionally troll Atheist Fools. You can't really keep them out, but at least you know you have support. You also can take comfort in the idea that these guys have lives that are so small that they can't stand the idea of liberals interested in RE have a board of their own.

- Gus

I hope you or the other posters do not mind if I occasionally post/read your board.

Although a regular from REHP, my primary interest for being there has always been to develope FIRE strategies and I especially enjoy talking to "new" people about them.

My intension for being here will not to be disruptive. In fact, I vow to ignore political discussions. Although I am not a proponent of a Univeral Health Care system, I would be considered "liberal" by some people on the REHP board on some issues. For example, I'm a vegan and I am in congressman Ron Paul's camp of opposition to going in to Iraq in the 1st place.

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