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Subject:  Blue Collar Early Retirement Date:  2/5/2007  11:43 PM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  538 of 84663

I'm sure my liberal friends here are all for the working class. But what role does early retirement play among blue collars?

Of course, too many of my blue collar comrades are spending all their money or more on consumer junk, and saving little or nothing. Too many will wind up injured and unable to work, or laid off with few prospects and little in the way of assets.

A number in those categories sleep under bridges or in cars or trucks in my working class neighborhood. Early retired, after a fashion.

But being blue collar doesn't necessarily mean being stupid.

While frugality, thrift and investing are deviant values among blue collars and the middle class as a rule, and efforts to promote such values will often be met with angry hostility, a subculture of frugal blue collars usually ex