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Subject:  Re: what about healthcare? Date:  2/6/2007  9:00 AM
Author:  decath Number:  575 of 116407

With high deductible policies do you get the benefit of the discounts health insurance companies negotiate with health care providers? If so, that would be a big plus to having a high deductible policy.

I really don't know what to expect. About 5 years ago, I spent some time researching health care plans for people who live extra-ordinary healthy lifestyles. I did not find much.

I found one health insurance plan for vegans and it was fairly close to the current plan my employer provided at that time. But with the dizzying pace of change (for the worse) in the health care/insurance, who knows what things will look like when I FIRE in 8 years.

I have my options open. My hope is that employer and gov't provided health insurance will become a dinosaur. I personally believe that could instigate a revolution in the health care industry as people would be hitting the market in the millions, thus driving down insurance prices as well as offering different plans for different people according to their lifestyles.

If that were to happen, then people with healthy lifestyles like my wife and I, will not be paying for the expenses of those who chose not to live that way.

If not, I may decide to go ahead and work a few more years to build up a larger nest egg so I can afford a more comprehensive health insurance plan like yours. However, then my FIRE date starts to push me into the mid/upper 50's. Something I want to avoid. You can only do so much with a SAHW and 3 kids. 53 is what I'm shooting for and I'll have to decide what I want to do at that time depending on insurance rates, the health of DW, my investment results and how much I'm enjoying my job at that time.


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