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Subject:  Re: Staying Socially Active in Retirement Date:  2/6/2007  1:16 PM
Author:  MDGluon Number:  704 of 117708

Can we have a prize for the person who comes up with the most entertaining volunteer opportunity out there?

Create the one you want to support...

..if you want to protect the environment then decide how and in what way and start your own group, charter it, and steer it. Example would be create, establish and run a water monitoring and analysis group which you can probably couple into a local or nearby university where the checical analysis can be done. This work might and probably would entail rafting, canoeing, or walking your local water supply (streams/rivers) and collecting samples in an organized manner...if you like the outdoors this would be both fun and useful.

..if you are more directed towards young folks needing help then start a mentoring program of some sort with the various local schools, police, etc.

..if the stars are your important thing then start a Astronomy club with certain goals such as helping with the SETI program or other such things.

..if human induced rapid global climate change is your cup-o-tea then you can loan your PC for calculations for various climate models, you can monitor wether/temp/climate changes, you can work with local power structures to improve efficiency, reduce power use, lower impact, and still improve out society and civilization.

All kinds of groups to start, people to meet, things to do.

Of course I am a type A Engineering fix a problem starter of groups, projects, and cynical optimist.


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