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Subject:  Re: Early Retirement Plan Failures Date:  2/7/2007  2:31 PM
Author:  lizmonster Number:  1141 of 117583

Do you have relatives (& others) telling you that you cannot possibly be happy & introverted; that you simply must get out more?

I do need a little human contact, although not very much. My challenge as an introvert is to balance my love for solitude with my need for occasional face-to-face socializing. My tendency is to stay home alone, all the time, and I've fallen into depression that way in the past.

So yes, my mother worries a bit about my plan to work from home eventually, because she knows I need SOMETHING and historically I haven't been good at striking the right balance. I don't take it as her insisting I can't be happy, though; I just take it as a reminder to look after myself properly.

The friends I have now I see once a month or so. I've certainly lost some friends who need more face-to-face contact than that. Interestingly enough, if you'd asked me which friends I thought would stay, I'd have been wrong.

I suspect once we're financially independent I'll take a part-time job somewhere (or volunteer). I worked at a library in high school, and the sort of blow-by contact you'd get from customers gave me pretty much exactly the level of social interaction I needed. (Plus there was the book thing; but I digress. ;-))

But at this point in my life, when people express surprise that we don't eat out much, or enjoy travelling, or join clubs, etc. etc., I don't tend to take it as criticism. I know we are unusual. I'm just happy we managed to find each other. :-)

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