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Subject:  Re: Liberal Early Retirement Date:  2/7/2007  8:34 PM
Author:  jgc123 Number:  1290 of 116396


"While there may be a "liberal" plan for early retirement, I have not seen this addressed so far in this thread, and I am not certain there really is a practical one.


"On this we agree, except I don't strut around saying "Oh, I'm self made, so the rest of you can go to hell." I had a lot of shoulders to stand on. I was born white, and to middle class parents who cared. I happened to live in a very good school district, which prepared me for college, which prepared me to work in a giant American corporation. I "saw" values every day, I wasn't burdened by negative culture, or skin color, or wondering where my next meal was coming from. I didn't have an older brother who was a drug addict, nor a younger sister with some incurable disease which sucked up all the family savings.

"Some people do. That doesn't excuse a lot of antisocial behavior, but it certainly explains some of it, and so I am somewhat empathetic to those who have all of those additional hurdles to cross just to get to the starting line, where life dropped me with a free pass, of sorts.

"That's "luck", too, of course, just not the "intrcst won the stock market lottery with Dell" type you're moaning about. Some people have one kind, some people have another - and some get none at all. That's life. I have some sympathy for those who fall into category #3. Most "Conservatives" I have noticed do not and I'm not sure that's a very admirable trait.

You spoke well for me too, Goofy.
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