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Subject:  Re: Liberal Early Retirement Date:  2/8/2007  1:01 AM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  1330 of 117566

<<SP: I feel I already addressed your core question, but I have to come back to this idea that only conservatives or Repiblicans get the joys of RE. It's just so silly.

There are plenty of well-off liberals. Many of whom retire early. Having or acquiring wealth is not limited by political party or outlook. Mainly I think it depends on the flavor of one's community. Where I grew up (the northeast) and where I now live (San Francisco) were very liberal communities, full of well-off liberals. Some retired, some semi-retired, some working hard. I think if one went to Utah one could probably say exactly the same about conservatives there. There happen to be a lot of liberals here and conservatives there. I can't see it affects people's desire to be financially independent.

Point taken. But should public policy encourage early retirement?

The 'boomer generation is already beginning to drop out of the labor force in droves (by the end of May, for me), and that is going to leave a lot of empty slots in the labor force that are going to be difficult to fill.

Secondly, grasping liberals and grasping conservatives who retire early are going to be disproportionately high wealth individuals ---should that be subsidized by the likes of Social Security benefits at age 62?

On the other hand, a lot of older workers are displaced from the labor force, financially prepared for retirement or not.

Personally, I favor means testing Social Security, which might allow early retirement benefits that would not subsidize wealthy early retirees.

Perhaps my liberal friends can give me some guidance on this kind of complicated issue. SHOULD government have a policy of encouraging early retirement?

Seattle Pioneer

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