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Subject:  Re: CAPS is not meant to be a mirror of performa Date:  2/8/2007  11:24 PM
Author:  Ganndalf Number:  4852 of 8286

That's a good post, Allbaby, thank you for spelling it out so clearly.

However, what I would like to get- or at least one thing I'd like- is for caps to be a place that I could go to for some downright excellent market pummeling stock ideas. It may be too much hubris or idealism on my part, but for me, I enjoy identifying (or at least being made aware of) Super-stocks, for lack of a better word. Getting rich quickly, however, goes against Foolish wisdom, which advocates the 'get rich slow" approach. So I suppose I'm a little bit of a bad boy. I don't mind getting rich slowly just as long as it as quickly as possible.

As things are now, one has to pick through a player's selections very carefully. I'm just not that interested in stocks that are going to beat the market by 5% even if that person's accuracy is 100%. I would like to be able to identify players who have a talent for picking Mega-stocks. But I suppose that is why I'm a Rule Breaker subscriber.

Maybe I incriminate myself by making this statement, but I'm not content to just beat the market. I set out to try and obliterate the market. Some will say that is a rather prideful, unrealistic, and likely very risky thing to try and do, but I suppose I would say that all depends. A person need to know their limits, though.