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Subject:  Re: CAPS is not meant to be a mirror of performa Date:  2/8/2007  11:24 PM
Author:  Ganndalf Number:  4852 of 9724

That's a good post, Allbaby, thank you for spelling it out so clearly.

However, what I would like to get- or at least one thing I'd like- is for caps to be a place that I could go to for some downright excellent market pummeling stock ideas. It may be too much hubris or idealism on my part, but for me, I enjoy identifying (or at least being made aware of) Super-stocks, for lack of a better word. Getting rich quickly, however, goes against Foolish wisdom, which advocates the 'get rich slow" approach. So I suppose I'm a little bit of a bad boy. I don't mind getting rich slowly just as long as it as quickly as possible.

As things are now, one has to pick through a player's selections very carefully. I'm just not that interested in stocks that are going to beat the market by 5% even if that person's accuracy is 100%. I would like to be able to identify players who have a talent for picking Mega-stocks. But I suppose that is why I'm a Rule Breaker subscriber.

Maybe I incriminate myself by making this statement, but I'm not content to just beat the market. I set out to try and obliterate the market. Some will say that is a rather prideful, unrealistic, and likely very risky thing to try and do, but I suppose I would say that all depends. A person need to know their limits, though.

All in all, I think Caps is pretty darn fun, and I'm OK with keeping it the way it is. What is the specific reason for Caps existing? That is the main point to start from. I remember reading somewhere David had listed something like 15 things Caps is good for. I need to go back and read that again.

In closing this little post that I doubt really went anywhere in any coherent fashion, I would just like to say, "Thanks David! Caps is one heck of a lot of fun! .... and it even has some practical applications to boot!" On top of that, it's free! Except that I spend and inordinate amount of time 'playing' this krazy game!

May the Fool be with you all,


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