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Subject:  Re: CAPS is not meant to be a mirror of performa Date:  2/14/2007  1:44 PM
Author:  TMFEldrehad Number:  4902 of 8284

In September we were all marvelling at the leaders' 70% accuracies. Now they have over 75%. They'll soon have over 80%.

We've been around this mulberry bush a few times before, and again I agree that you make excellent points here, and your analogy regarding the Martingale is a good one.

I would add that in a pure Monte Carlo sense, banking accuracy won't help one on the score front at all, and a score of around zero, no matter how good one's accuracy is, won't propel one to success in CAPS. There is, however, no question in my mind that for the good stock picker, banking accuracy can definately help and I know that the CAPS team is looking at ways of changing/improving this measure.

Is that what CAPS should be about? Is that what