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Subject:  Re: OT: house values... Date:  2/15/2007  10:59 AM
Author:  AngelMay Number:  1998 of 116456

My uncle never married and uses that house over the heads of his 4 neices (me and my 3 cousins). He changes his will whenever he gets mad at anyone. He called a couple of weeks ago to tell me that he had "cut" one cousin out of his will but I'm still in. I have no idea how much money he has, but I'm not counting on anything more than lunch money. Funnily enough, the one cousin who wants the house has been cut out.

Some people's families!

Oy! All of your cousins (and you) should just walk away and tell him to keep the damned house! That's what I did with my mother - who didn't have a house but had a small fortune (to me) in investments. She would forever get angry with me and accuse me of all kinds of things since I was the primary trustee of her living trust and had control of the money. (I think she had had a couple of small undetectable strokes and just wasn't thinking straight -- but I'll never know now.) So I flew back at her one day and told her I would personally drive her down to her lawyer's office the next day and she could remove me completely from the trust and from her will -- that way she would no longer have to worry about me spending her money (which I was absolutely not doing, by the way). She was so taken aback that she just shut up and never mentioned it again.

I just decided it wasn't worth it to be accused falsely of wrong-doing or having her holding "the money" over my head. Keeee-riced! Life is just too short for that kind of nonsense. Better to be a poor person with dignity than a slave to some Simon Legree (male OR female). :o)

Never EVER live your life to please some geezer with a pocketbook.
You lose every shred of personal dignity if you do.

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