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Subject:  Re: OT: house values... Date:  2/15/2007  11:17 AM
Author:  DorothyM Number:  2000 of 116400

I just decided it wasn't worth it to be accused falsely of wrong-doing or having her holding "the money" over my head. Keeee-riced! Life is just too short for that kind of nonsense. Better to be a poor person with dignity than a slave to some Simon Legree (male OR female). :o)

Funny that you mentioned being accused falsely -- The last time I visited (a couple of years ago) he accused me of stealing his pants(!). I hung up on him and eventually got a letter saying he found his pants, so he forgave me (not exactly, but that's the jist of it and it's funnier that way). He says my other uncle, when he visited about 8 years ago (too old and feeble to visit now) stole the bedspread. The latest is that he accused a cousin (the one who lives closest) of stealing something (I forget what). When she protested, he "cut her out."

The family has always cut him lots of slack b/c he's mercurial and unpredictable and has the craziest ideas (would be comfortable on original RE board). But, no, my behavior isn't dictated by pie-in-the-sky promises of some uncertain amount of money.

In my 20s I cut off all contact, re-established it when my mother died several years ago. My behavior is now tempered by his age -- I gain nothing but guilt by fighting with him. We're down to exchanging Xmas cards and speaking about 3x a year.

Never EVER live your life to please some geezer with a pocketbook.
You lose every shred of personal dignity if you do.

Words to live by.

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