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Subject:  Re: OT: house values... Date:  2/15/2007  7:56 PM
Author:  cliff666 Number:  2058 of 116878

Actually, according to this article

we're sixth. As for snow, it hasn't reached my ying-yang since 1978. ;-) (In general, snow tends to be worse in places like Minnesaota, Wisconsin, and even Iowa.)

In all seriousness - I stay because I like the culture, and because the flora and fauna feel familiar and homey (I grew up here).

I used to call it Taxachusetts. That was before I lived in CA.

Speaking of flora, I used to enjoy gathering mushrooms as a hobby. Usually didn't collect for the stew pot, but there were a very few I would eat. In MA, I went out once or twice, but found very few. Then one day walking around Walden Pond, I saw a white mushroom poking up through the leaves. "My, that looks like an Aminata Verna!" I sez. Upon closer examination, I decided it 95% likely was indeed Av. I had never seen one before, only pictures. They were all over the place! I worried that a child might eat one. This is one of the most deadly mushrooms there is. Nickname is "Destroying Angel". A pretty mushroom, very easy to identify, but almost every year I read about someone eating one. If the diarrhea doesn't kill you, the liver collapse does. If that doesn't, then the nerve destruction will. Nasty thing. I took one home and used the phone book to find out that the Micological Society was meet ing that night, so I took it over for a more authoritative identification. They said, "Yep, its an aminita. Put it over with the others." That kinda made me not interested in gathering mushrooms there any more.

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