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Subject:  Re: Are Americans saving too much for retirement Date:  2/18/2007  4:46 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  2325 of 116881

Micheal: "And although I can't speak for New York City, I can speak for Washington DC, having worked there for the last 8 years, and while many do without a car, it's usually the wealthy that do it willingly; most do it because they have no choice."

Oh? so now owning a car is an 'entitlement' that everyone is entitled to, and if they can't afford one, one will be provided at no charge?

What country are you living in?

Folks don't own a car in NYC because parking spaces in apartment building garages can cost $300 and $400 a month! And because there is almost no parking on the streets because of the population density. And because most folks take public transportation to work, the stores deliver everything from 'take out' to your groceries to furniture. You don't have to haul anything.

You can hop a bus or plane to anywhere.....Atlantic the mountains.....

There are a gazillion taxis if you really want to use a car instead of the subway or bus system, and a few taxi rides a month will be a lot cheaper than owning a car in NYC.

The same is true for Wash DC, other than grocery shopping - they don't deliver groceries in DC....but you can get around very well with public transporation for the most part, and if you must, use a taxi once a week and still come out WAY ahead of owning a car.

Haven't lived in other cities.

Dang...I didn't know the gov't is going to provide folks a car if they can't afford them. HEck, if half those folks (the half that smoked) gave up their nicotine addiction, they likely could afford a car.....


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