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Subject:  On Anger Date:  2/19/2007  9:58 PM
Author:  alan81 Number:  2481 of 117443

It seems to me some of the conflict on this board is generating some anger in some folks...
Anyway, I was taking this middle management class and heard something about anger that really resonated with me. Anger is just your body telling you there is something you don't yet understand. Once you dissect it and take the time to understand it, the anger will go away. Once you understand why a particular situation (or post) is making you angry, you should be able to respond to it in a very cool, calm, and logical fashion... which should avoid the thinking chair:-)

So about ten years ago or so I was in here typing on my computer, and heard some funny scratching sounds on the door. Opened the door only to find the daughter coloring on the door. I was pretty involved in what I was doing on the computer so gave the daughter a quick talking too about not coloring on the door... that should do it. Maybe fifteen minutes later I heard similar scratching sounds on the wall... had to go check and see, and dear daughter was busy coloring on the wall. Boy did I get MAD. I could tell she was quite confused about why I was so mad. After counting to ten or so it became clear to me that I had said not to color on the DOOR, but certainly didn't say anything about walls, floors, furniture, or ceilings... Once calmed down, I explained that we only color on paper, and only on paper that mommy or daddy gives you to color on... and in no situtation should we color on anything else unless we are told that is OK. She understood that very well, and there were no future problems. Anyway, one of my first parenting lessons, and also a good example of trying to analyze anger only to find out it was my own darn fault.
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