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Subject:  Re: On Anger Date:  2/19/2007  11:08 PM
Author:  alan81 Number:  2486 of 116889

I think what you said is correct, but I also think what I said is correct. I think fear, and the resultant adrenaline is a result of having our physical body threatened. I think anger, and the resultant adrenaline is the result of having our beliefs threatened.
Being betrayed by a spouse is another stereotypical source of anger.
I think this is a classic case, of you having the belief that the spouse loves you, and that the love would always be manifest with never being betrayed. If you are betrayed by your spouse, you WILL become angry. Once you work through analyzing WHY that betrayal happened and what it means to your life and your beliefs, the anger will go away. Perhaps the hurt will last a long time, but assuming you can really get to a point where you understand the situation (which can be a very hard thing to do) the anger will be gone.
I challenge you to think about this the next time you are really angry. Perhaps this post is making you angry and this is great opportunity:-) Why are you angry? what beliefs are being threated... perhaps I am just FOS. At any rate, once you understand that and decide that perhaps I am FOS, I bet your anger is gone... or perhaps you see the world a little closer to what I see, and then your anger will also be gone.

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