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Subject:  Re: On Anger Date:  2/19/2007  11:40 PM
Author:  alan81 Number:  2489 of 116333

I'm going to take another stab at this to further clarify...
Rather, it's the injury or threat that causes the anger.
Having seperated out fear from anger, the threat that causes anger is a threat to our beliefs. To take a very real example from the board...

I read a SP post that states he believes emergency rooms should allow people to die on the front steps if they don't have insurance or money to pay for care.
When I read that post it made me angry! I think the reason it makes me angry is that I also believe that people are loving and caring, and this belief is certainly threatened by the post. So what do I do to resolve the conflict? I personally established a new belief. A belief that SP believes that if ER's actually had such a policy, it would never come into effect, because people would become responsible adults and fly right. Personally, I did not have to dig any deeper than that to get to the point where my anger had dissipated. Again, I may be wrong in this, but at least my belief system is again consistent with my reality... And I believe that once that happens the anger will go away.
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