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Subject:  Re: Murder/suicide a solution to long-term care? Date:  2/27/2007  9:34 AM
Author:  StarWarriorRie Number:  2865 of 116952

I wonder what our conservative friends think about this cost-effective solution to the long-term care crisis? Or is this just another example of someone failing to "pull themselves up by their bootstraps" and "take responsibility for themselves" by not being wealthy enough to afford long-term care?


My family background was very conservative. I can't speak for any other family, but mine. I can tell you from experience that in the case of an elderly man that was a friend of my family that all anyone in my family felt when he killed himself was sorrow at his death, and understanding as to the reasons he provided for his killing himself. If my dad was alive today I am willing to bet he would feel the same way about this man.

He was in his seventies, and had been diagnosed with cancer. As I was a child when this happened I can only state that it was cancer not which type. He came home with his wife, went into his room, wrote a love note telling her how much he loved her and wanted her to remember him as he was and not the wreck he would become if he fought this illness. He then took his gun and killed himself.

My parents never considered him a failure of any type. Just a loving husband who wanted to spare his wife.

Me...I just missed him. He was the one I turned to to find out what animal print I had seen in the woods, or what the flower or tree I didn't know was, and he identified the birds in the sky for me.

Of course I also feel that we should be allowed the dignity of choosing our time of death when we are terminally ill.


StarWarrior Rie

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