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Subject:  Re: Murder/suicide a solution to long-term care? Date:  2/27/2007  10:37 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  2869 of 116400

intercst: "I wonder what our conservative friends think about this cost-effective solution to the long-term care crisis? Or is this just another example of someone failing to "pull themselves up by their bootstraps" and "take responsibility for themselves" by not being wealthy enough to afford long-term care?"

If you go with the 'conservative' position represented by the 'religious right' who claim to own that title, then:

Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson would tell you over and over you must suffer until you die a 'natural death'. That is what the god-thingie said. No taking your own life. That gives you lots of time to 'repent' and 'beg' for forgiveness and mercy.

Oh, and of course, against birth control and abortions so we have to have lots of babies we know will be basket cases with known horrible birth defects. Maybe 50 year olds with half a brain, but those conservatives want it born and kept alive.

So the 'conservative' administration is opposed to abortion. Opposed to birth control and family planning education. Has already extended benefits each year to more and more 'lower income' people (Medicaid). Has funded prescription drug provisions for seniors.

Now, you were saying about 'conservative' health care and policies?

There is lots of room for a middle ground.


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