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Subject:  Re: Murder/suicide a solution to long-term care? Date:  2/28/2007  10:20 AM
Author:  readyteddy Number:  2963 of 117406

As a Baby Boomer, it has occurred to me that mass suicide by the Boomers (or beneign neglect of simple measure which might prolong our lives) may be a rational approach to the looming demographic problems with both Social Security and Medicare/Medicaide.

Hey, we didn't ask to be born in relatively great numbers all at the same time, but the fact remains the social safety net will be strained, and probably broken by this. Efforts of individual boomers to take good care of themselves so as to not needlessly burden the healthcare system with preventable, self-inflicted medical conditions like lung cancer and Type 2 diabetes might actually backfire in that such efforts may cause boomers to live longer, exacerbating the acturial problems with Social Security!

In this context, it is no more irrational for a Boomer to consider "checking out early after a good run" than it is to ask young fools to fall on grenades in Afghanistan so we don't have to fight the terrorists here. The decisions we all make about how we use our lives and the extent to which we will go to extrordinary measures to try and prolong our lives have social, as well as individual implications.

I served in the military when I was young. I would have died in action if that was what was required. Why would I approach my responsibilities to others any differently when I am old? It's like Steven Crane said "The great death is only the great death"
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