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Subject:  Re: OT: Gore do as I say, not as I do Date:  2/28/2007  6:56 PM
Author:  GusSmed Number:  3016 of 116923

I suspect they're just bad people. So who's the cynic?

My mother-in-law voted for Bush in 2004. Not only that, she actually volunteered for a voter drive for Bush. Shortly before the election we asked her why. It wasn't a very coherent conversation, with weird tangents from my father-in-law about how Kerry protesting the Vietnam war was a bad thing, even though they didn't like the Vietnam war, and how Kerry was a flip-flopper, etc. All the anti-Kerry propaganda of the time. Not a word in support of Bush. When we brought up things like Iraq, she repeated the WMD propaganda.

When we said we were going to be voting against Bush, the real reason came out - how could we be voting for someone who was going to raise our taxes? She was voting her pocketbook, and like most voters she hadn't connected gross overspending with higher taxes sometime. It's the political version of people who think their credit card minimums are the amount they owe.

She's not a bad person, just not a very clear thinker on some subjects. Sometime last year Bush got to be too much even for them, and they ended up voting Democratic in the mid-term election. I believe it was the agitation the over the gay marriage issue which pushed her over the edge.

- Gus
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