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Subject:  lurking on the boards Date:  3/6/2007  8:55 AM
Author:  skorthos Number:  100365 of 175389

A week on the boards

Motto: “Today is the end, the end of the world.”
Once again the monks, clad in their traditional sackcloth and ashes, gather on the top of the mountain to watch the conflagration. They have consulted their charts and the ancient texts of the pyramidic scrolls and they have come to the conclusion that today is the day…the end of the world.
The leader consults his watch.
“Three, two, one!”
They join hands, close their eyes and chant together: “Now is the end, the end of the world.”
The leader opens his left eye. “That was GMT wasn't it?” he asks.
“Well, lads, never mind. Same time tomorrow. We must get it right one of these days.”

Motto: “That's Living within your means…No, that's living Within your means…No, no, no, that's living within Your….”
A woman shares her recently discovered secret. One can substitute many of the more expensive and exotic ingredients in Julia Child's “Art of French Cooking” recipes with a tablespoon of Crest toothpaste without significantly altering the taste. And the dishes leave your teeth clean and your breath smelling minty fresh. And it is good to have an emergency stash of Crest in the house anyway.
Another poster responds that he does not use toothpaste, and if he did he would not keep an emergency stash, he would just go out and buy some.
The rest of the thread is spent trying to figure out what is wrong with this guy, does he have really yellow teeth or bad halitosis or something. The thread concludes when sti