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Subject:  Re: Penalty for reaching next tax bracket? Date:  3/23/2007  6:57 PM
Author:  straitarrow Number:  93238 of 127533

You bring up a good point on the AMT which I know next to nothing about.
Referring to selling of sizable chunks of stock, you ask:"Old enough to remember The Twilight Zone? You have now entered AMTLand, where things are not as they seem."

I certainly do remember The Twilight Zone back in the early sixties and the idea of stirring up the AMT monster scares the living $#!+ out of me.
Tell us more about it if you care to. I can't help but wonder how people actively buying and selling stock deal with the AMT problem. They are dealing with LT and ST Capital Gains that dwarf mine by comparison.

As for me I hope to stick with my original 'Step Up at Checkout' plan and let my kids deal with the estate problems which should be minimal then.

I'm not sure I understand your comment ...."Just so you don't get too cocky and think you don't need us Fools, a quote from your prior post in this thread:......".
If I was at all 'cocky' I wouldn't be asking dumb questions on this Fool site, now would I?

Thanks for bringing up the AMT aspect which should probably be a chilling consideration before many transactions.

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