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Subject:  Re: EPD in 401K Date:  3/24/2007  6:46 PM
Author:  cheeserhumba Number:  93255 of 127617

Thank you both for your input. I have checked the K-1 form and there is a Box 20 with three letter designations (A, V, & W). Through my TurboTax, I have determined that the "V" in this box is the "Unrelated Business Income" line that you speak of. Fortunately, that is presently a negative number, so I gather it is safe for me to leave all this off my 2006 return.


I am sorry, but I do not know if your question is directed to me, or to Irasmilo (the first person to reply), and I do not understand your reference to "OP".

If it is any help, the 401K in my company has a Trustee, and the K-1 I received was sent to the Trustee FBO (For the Benefit Of) me, at my mailing address, where I get all my statements.

I wonder if I need to communicate with EPD to advise of this situation, or if it is better to just let sleeping dogs lie.

I do remember reading how this investment was different than owning a typical equity, but I sure don't remember reading anything about my little issue. I gather it is not an everyday occurance for this kind of stock to be residing within a 401-K?

I guess most 401-K's have nothing but mutual funds, but when I started with my current company, I insisted on the creation of a 401-K that could be self directed. For the past 12 years I have bought and sold nothing but individual stocks (and one LP by the name of EPD) in my 401-K, and this is the first time I have ever received anything to report on my yearly return.

At whatever point in the distant future I decide to sell my EPD holdings in my 401-K, I wonder if I will have any special reporting requirements? I could understand having the problem at the time of distribution (which is far,far away), but what if I sell prior to any distribution?

Thanks again for your combined input.

- Willy -
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