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Subject:  Re: Cost of Living Comparison Date:  3/25/2007  8:38 PM
Author:  NewPenny Number:  1053 of 1725

<< Hope this doesn't sound too silly a question, but is an RV hard to drive? Do you have to be careful to only take certain roads, etc? >>

Not a silly question at all, but a large subject.

There are several different kinds of RVs, and each has it's own driving issues.

I live in a "Class A" motorhome - the flat front-style drivable RV. I like this style because I can see over traffic because I sit at the same height as 18-wheelers. This helps me get into the best lane before traffic bogs down. My RV is 37 ft long, and about 10 ft wide. I can drive down any road an 18-wheeler can. (probably smaller, since I'm not as long, but a good rule of thumb.) Yes, there are smaller and curvier roads I have to avoid, but there are other size RVs that can if that's where you what to travel. I can take most neighborhood roads, but avoid cul-de-sacs and dead ends simply because turning in tight places can be challenging. Dirt roads are largely off limits, and roads that are thickly over grown with vegetation that would scrape the sides would make me unhappy. It was very helpful to take a sharp turn in a snow covered parking lot when I first got the RV so I have a visual idea of how tight it can turn. Tight parking lots are a challenge when I'm towing my car.

Turning is something to think about. Taking corners takes a bit of extra thought. All vehic