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Subject:  Re: Obese People Born to be Fat, says Geneticist Date:  4/14/2007  8:25 PM
Author:  decath Number:  4573 of 116904

I was going to post this same story but I could just hear Decath saying, "I don't believe it!" and he'd kill it with one fell swoop. Arguing with people who all ready have their minds made up is like banging your head against a cinder block.

It is not that I don't believe there could be an obesity gene; it is more that I believe people should take their "God given", or if you don't believe in God - "fate". Then do the best you can with what you got.

If you have a problem with weight gain, if you want to live a long and quality life, you just have to eat better than most. Call it a curse. Call it a blessing in disguise.

Heck, I may have the fat gene myself. The sec I stop exercising and eating vegan, I gain weight like crazy. I just have this propensity to exercise like a madman and I know that I have to eat right in order to compete as a Master's track & field athlete. My dad has the same problem as me. If either one of us eat like normal people (he's a vegetarian) we experience severe pains from all the years of sports competitions. We both gained a good deal of weight in our 20's during periods of injury recovery when we were not able to exercise.

You could also argue that getting "over-weight" easily could be a blessing in disguise. That is, as long as you see the symptoms and do something about it. Skinny people that still eat like horses are often very "unhealthy". But they don't know it until they are 40ish when they get heart disease, arthritis, cancer, diabetes etc.. Jim Fixx is a good example. He was an avid runner but is on record as saying, (like many runners did during the 70's & 80's) that you can eat what you want as long as you exercise profusely.


I emphatically disagreed with Jim Fixx. I read several of his books back in the 80's, before he dropped dead. As I've posted numerous times on RECF, I found out early in my life that all the decathlon training (as well as multiple other sports competitions) did a number on my body and I had to eat extraordinarily better than most people. I avoid salt, sugar, meat, dairy, caffeine and white flour. It's done me good to do so.

I try NOT to be evangelistic about it. But I see people in pain and hurting and I can't help myself from trying to help them with the knowledge that literally set my physical body free.


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