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Subject:  Re: What is to be gained........? Date:  4/26/2007  3:56 PM
Author:  karmaoption Number:  30780 of 77892

What is to be gained from a few months in life. I can't comment on myself, but I will comment on my brother. He died from Aids back in 1989 when they had very few treatment options, actually one as I remember, AZT. My brother was as full of life as anybody I knew, and it took about 2 years from diagnosis to death. Now what my brother actually died from was Kaposi's Sarcoma in the lungs, so the proximate cause of his death was lung cancer. Two months before Tom died, he had radiation to combat the kaposi's throughout his body. The radiation severely burned his legs, 2nd degree burns. What did he do 3 days later, he went Parasailing even though his legs were useless. He said he would be landing on the water, or sand at worst so he did not care, he wanted to live while he had time. My brother died going to Oregon to visit friends from College that he wanted to make sure he saw for one last time. Oregon has alot of very mountainous area, and he went to Eugene. Most of the areas he went to was above 5,000 feet. He had no lungs basically and was on pure oxygen, so he knew it was going to kill him when he went, but he wanted to spend the extra time to see those that mattered. Once again extra time. He died in Eugene on a respirator, because