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Subject:  Re: What is to be gained........? Date:  4/26/2007  5:42 PM
Author:  dumaflotchie Number:  30797 of 95719

Your inane comments are laughable

Hey Missash:

You really needn't feel compelled to respond to Rackled......he is not a doctor but did stay at a Holiday Inn Select ;)

Your questions and questioning are appropriate especially for doctors who merely seek the truth. This board is highly motivated by the financial risk and many are highly leveraged. So there can be a little "acting out" because there is a lot on the line for many.

As to the 3-4 months improved survival, I think at first blush your concerns are justified but if you did a little further, it is of interest that taxotere has/had similar efficacy. I find the more compelling argument to be combined therapy and not standalone. The combination had survival benefit that was impressive and for essentially minimal additonal risk.

The biggest problem that many here choke on is that this survival benefit was not a primary endpoint of the study. As you well know, that study design flaw could result in greater possibility of chance due to unequal populations, etc.

But recognizing this flaw, it may still be effective as combined therapy and the earlier the better. In a perfect world, we would know the "b" results......that would be the most compelling.....but by then the stock as popped and gains will have to be earned the old fashion way (see ELN).

The interesting aspect of this whole argument is that neither side can really be definitive because we do not know "b". But despite that uncertainty (a fact), people argue as though it is gospel.

Forget the arguments and simply put your nickle one can know the answer until "b" is out and along the way there can be some nasty or glorious bumps (such as 5/15). This is really shaping up for a big swing in some direction with FDA decision shortly.

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