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Subject:  Re: What is to be gained........? Date:  4/26/2007  10:38 PM
Author:  AirForceFool Number:  30823 of 95650


<<<<< Just an improvement in treatment, and an improvement in quality of life>>>>>> Tinker, what is the evidence that it improves the "quality of life"? Has performance status even been addressed? ( Karnofsky score or the like). I am not suggesting it should not be approved. I just don't think it is the major advance many here seem to think it is.

I agree, but would change it to say "I just don't think that its been proven to be the major advance many here seem to think it is."
Will it get there? Sure seems like it so far. Will it take some lumps along the way? Who knows, but it's possible. Will there be some data that comes out of a later trial that is either lacking, or not what we would hope for? Definately can't rule that out. Is the public gonna bid this sucker way past reasonable on good news? That's what I'm partially betting on.

Don't get me wrong, I shorted these guys after the run up... some would say I got lucky making 30% in ten days... eventually after reading a million posts, doing a lot more research, and looking hard at some expert advice from folks I trust, I slowly decided to change my position. I took out a position equal to five times what I consider a full position... then got ramped today on the drop, and added a sixth... needless to say I have an account that consists of nothing but DNDN and IMAX (this is only one of my accounts, so I am deversified, just not very much in the small cap arena).
My biggest question is what to do if there's a run-up prior to the release date. Probably sell enough shares to cover a good portion of the initial cost in case things go south... bear in mind that I have (for me anyway) an awful lot of shares. While I won't be eating salmonella tainted peanutbutter sandwiches (day old bread and free peanutbutter makes for cheap meals), it would pretty much suck.... add 2 years to the retirement clock.

Bottom line, keep posting any and all insights you might have. I would much rather wade through all possible aspects of DNDN 10 more times before news is released if it gives me even the tiniest of vectors that I didn't have before. Does it drive me nuts that this board can post almost as fast as I can read? Sure, but I'd rather wade through it all then miss something.


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