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Subject:  Hurray For Ignore Fool Button! Date:  5/14/2007  9:07 AM
Author:  InvestMechanic Number:  57408 of 78166

I'm the type of personality that when someone is disrepectful or just plain mean and obnoxious, or has started a fight, I will run to that fight and fight to the bloody end. Now I'm older and life is too short to get into pissing matches. I don't mind respectful disagreement with anyone. I don't ask anyone to agree with me on any issue nor do I try and persuade people anymore to see things my way. If they don't agree, fine! I move on. You can't change minds anyway especially with some of the opinionated folks here at TMF. (like myself)

So knowing that I will take after someone like a pit-bull and that the inevitable consequences of those kinds of heated battles usually end up wasting my time and energy, I have decided that I'm just going to P-Box and ignore those individuals who want to keep arguing about things that I've already told them is a settled issue in my mind.

When I write something, any reader can arrive at their own inferences on the original intent or meaning of my writings, correctly or incorrectly. But only I know the true motivation and reason for what I wrote and once I have made that perfectly clear when there is a disagreement, there will always remain a few knuckleheads who wish to prove that I did not say what only I know what I tried to say