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Subject:  Re: swanning the boards... Date:  5/26/2007  6:35 PM
Author:  oncqueen Number:  1452 of 5355

RE: what IS that? WHY is that?

I think it is a combination of the stressors of modern life, and the anonymity of the boards that make it easy.

The cavemen, without cell phones, beepers, or light, got lots of rest when the sun went down. Couldn't have been fun, huddled together hoping no tiger would eat you in the night, but at least they got some rest and they must have had a relatively uncomplicated view of life: get something to eat, protect the clan, stay warm, do it again tomorrow. They didn't worry about global warming or terrorism, and didn't have the excruciating sadness and idiocy constantly beamed at them through online news and radio and other sources. (not to say that they didn't have awful things happen, but they didn't constantly hear about stuff happening elsewhere; their world was smaller). They also probably got a lot of their stresses out physically; must've been hard dragging down rhinos, carrying your child while you grubbed roots, etc.

Lots of us. on the other hand, have so much to do that we don't take much down time, and are couch potatoes. How many of you really ever feel caught up? Or aren't tempted to just opt out, move to some wilderness, and herd geese? I bet most of us don't have anyone we would really want to kill, but I know I have a few I would love to see in a dunking booth, using raw eggs instead of a ball...

The rest is the cowardice that comes from anonymity. People will be rude on the phone when they wouldn't dream of doing it in person, or aggressive on the highway, because they figure no one will know who they are, and those chickens won't come home to roost. This is why some of us like smaller towns; people flip each other off less on the highway, because it might turn out to be your daughter's violin teacher.

I think you take a tightly-wound person, add in a little emotional frenzy (these are stocks and money, nearly as bad as religion to get people going!), and then make it so people think they can get away with it, and some of them are going to be obnoxious. (the rest of us will come here and bemoan it)

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