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Subject:  Re: Credit Card for College Freshman Date:  5/28/2007  10:07 AM
Author:  lovingrose Number:  253693 of 312149

I don't know if "This gives me more control" is something you should generally be seeking over a college student. From my recent experience (turned 25 last month), getting to spread your wings a bit is sort of a foundational part of the whole getting out of the house thing. Your goal is presumably getting him off on a good footing for adulthood, so focus on that rather than trying to artificially extend adolescence until he is thirty:
I wasn't coming from (or didn't think I was coming from) a perspective of controlling the student. I was thinking of it more as control over the parents' money, since it is THEIR credit card they are thinking of handing over to him.

Yes, the kid has to learn responsibility. But if he is given carte blanche with Mom and Pop's card (and THEIR money), is that really going to teach him anything? If he is given a card in HIS name, with a specified amount on it, he will have to learn to live within that amount or figure out a way to get more money. To me, this is no different than my mom sending me a check every month when I was in college and me having to figure out how to make it last. (Actually, the last year the check came from the VA, but I still had to learn how to stretch it.)

By the way, I really liked the rest of your advice. It sounds like you learned a lot in college (and not just from books, either!)


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