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Subject:  Re: Credit Card for College Freshman Date:  5/29/2007  4:55 PM
Author:  6Bitsadollar Number:  253760 of 309666

Bother, I hit submit instead of preview--I wanted to check the italics...

Oh well, congratulations to your son on his graduation.

There are several ways you can handle the money situation.
First of all, check the college website for info on the student ID card.
Most cards these days do many other things--open doors, serve as a meal card, serve as a debit card for things like copying, vending, etc.

At DD's college, many off campus places also take the card. For instance she can order out Chinese and "charge it" to her card.
the one thing she can't do is make a cash withdrawal.
Our state university lets you put money on their ID cards with a credit card, but her university does not.

At the beginning of her freshman year, we put $800 on her card to pay for books and her other expenses. The card also serves as a meal card but we paid that separately. Also when we left her, I gave her about $130 in cash. That went