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Subject:  Re: swanning the boards... Date:  5/31/2007  4:56 PM
Author:  Matt1344 Number:  1476 of 5355

"Many people have a dry wit that borders on sarcastic"


As a young man I was quite sarcastic. One day I was asked if I knew what sarcasm meant... Thinking it was humor, but figuring there was a reason for the question, I took the prompting and looked it up in a large dictionary. One of the definitions was "a ripping and tearing of the flesh". I found the following concerning the root of sarcasm on an on line dictionary which relates to the definition above.

"Etymology: French or Late Latin; French sarcasme, from Late Latin sarcasmos, from Greek sarkasmos, from sarkazein to tear flesh" (My bold)

Reflecting on the meaning and examining myself I came to understand that it had nothing to do with humor. Just as it says, it was a way to wound. When someone objects I think the typical response is something like, "Hey, can't you take a joke?" Well, to me I see no humor in sarcasm. It is covert hostility at best. An attempt to make someone feel smaller...

I'm not saying this in regards to yourself, just what sarcasm looks like from my point of view. I regret that time in my life and do my best to make sure my attempts at humor might bring a smile to someone and at worst fall flat for reasons that are not the result of inducing bad feelings within someone. I found that I never really felt bigger by making someone else feel smaller. And yes, I probably fail at times...

Take care, Ken ( Regrets not having taken LWW's grandmothers advice ;-) )
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