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Subject:  Kahuna CFA, a question sir Date:  5/31/2007  8:36 PM
Author:  NoEmotions Number:  11358 of 20632

Dear Kahuna, CFA,

Though I don't know you personally, I do admire your investing prowess, the fact that in a previous email you stated that you had averaged 20% returns for a number of years and your informative emails.

I am wondering about your investing strategy. LTB&H works well, but having read "Rule#1 Investor", there is also that concept that states "sell when the technicals signal SELL (and when the price begins to drop), and buy when the techicals say BUY), or when there is potential future value in a company.

This current run up of the bulls is wonderful and bodes well for us all, but I am concerned about holding on too long. Right now there are no real issues in my portfolio, but I can sense that in time there will be.

What are your thoughts if you don't mind me askin', regarding LTB&H vs the philosophy that states sell when the technicals say sell and buy when the technicals say buy. Can both co-exist?

Right now, I subscribe to both philosophies holding companies where there is good value, solid management and a "forward movement" attitude followed by practical, measureable results. If something seems to go amiss with a company, e.g. floundering, "noone at the rudder", loss of good management I might reconsider holding that stock.

I also might consider selling if the "technicals" show a possible price drop in the near future.

For this year, my NYSE stocks are running a 13% growth which is not too above the averages, and my NASDAQ stocks are running almost 20% growth and the NASDAQ has a roughly 5% growth.


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