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Subject:  Re: I love Cilantro! Date:  6/2/2007  8:47 PM
Author:  TeraGram Number:  45747 of 56307

You don't get it.

Anytime someone posts a recipe here that contains the word "cilantro", the cilantro haters come out of the woodwork like roaches.

"It tastes like soap"
"How can anyone eat that?"
"Gross! Cilantro!"

How about I search through every recipe on here and find the ingredients I don't care for and describe them in less-than-pleasant terms?


What is it about you cilantro-haters that compels you to inform everyone and anyone that'll listen (and even some that don't) that cilantro tastes like soap to you?

And further, what makes you think that anyone cares?

Here's a hint--- If you don't like cilantro, don't use it. If you see it in a recipe, omit it. Substitute parsley if you want. Or here's another idea: DON'T MAKE THE RECIPE!

You do not have to reply "I hate cilantro" to every recipe that someone posts here that has cilantro as an ingredient.

It is boorish, puerile and crude.

Grow up!
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