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Subject:  Re: Moving to Indiana Date:  6/8/2007  7:15 AM
Author:  epona4 Number:  509 of 534


I've been off the boards for about a month. I'm going to re-post my thoughts from a previous thread. (and Carmel is a nice place):



Hmmm..not sure I'll be able to "sell you on it".

We moved from Chicagoland to the Indy area. We do not regret it. But I don't know that this is our forever home, either. (it's most certainly our "Until the older kids graduate" home. (maybe the younger ones, too)

This is not going to be in any particular order. Just random thoughts as I think of them. (we live a bit east of Indy.)

Weather, it's Indiana. Ya don't like, wait five minutes, it'll change. Winter is not too bad. Actually, not enough snow for me. :)

Tornados about the same as St. Louis. Maybe even a bit more. (however this year was bad for them)

Churches...OMG! One on every corner. However, Indy does have several U.U.s

Rednecks...we got'em.

Land, a bit flat.

Traffic, we came from the Chicago area. There is no traffic here.

A bit too conservative, but not awful.

A lot of hospitals.

Some good restaraunts. Sushi. (I discovered that I really like sushi after we moved here)

I think I'd like Bloomington more. Much prettier. Much more liberal. Less snow than Indy, but I think I could live with that. They have hills and more trees. :) Not sure about hospitals. Artist colony not far. (Nashville Indiana I think)

One of the things my DD 1 loves to say. "Indiana, it's not just for corn anymore. We've got soybeans, too."

Yeah, the more I add to this, the less appealing I think it probably sounds to the "normal" person. :) I love the snow, the cornfields, the cows and small towns. Yet I hate the small minds, the bible thumping and lack of hills. And oh yeah. NOT HAVING A REAL BOOK STORE WITHIN A 25 MINUTE DRIVE!! (not that I'm bitter)

However, on the northeast side of town there are some really nice 'burbs. Lots of nice malls. A great outdoor concert facility. (Phish fans know it as DeerCreek. Now the Verizon Wireless Center) I think downtown Indy is really pretty.Love the Circle. It's a big city without being overwhelming. (Chicago was just too much for me) A beautiful opera house. A wonderful City Choir for the children. (Indianapolis Childrens Choir. It is really quite amazing) A nice Zoo, WONDEFUl Childrens Musuem. A very active SCA group. (Renaissance/Middle Ages reenactment group. Yes, nerdy...but fun!) :) And of course the Pacers, Colts and the racing.

Hope that helped in some way. :)
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