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Financial Planning / HSA: Health Savings Accounts


Subject:  Comparison Charts Date:  6/12/2007  3:55 PM
Author:  saraswati1 Number:  10 of 19

I have tried to find comparison charts for different HSA's, rather than HSA's vs. other options, to no avail. If anyone has a link I would appreciate it.

I have a United Healthcare high deductible policy with an HSA through Exante Bank. I (and DH) am self-employed so the premium and my contribution to the HSA are automatically withdrawn from my checking account. I opened the account earlier this year. I must have $2000 in the HSA account in order to be able to invest $. Anything over that amount can be distributed to a choice of seven mutual and index funds. I will reach that amount next month.

First of all, if the powers-that-be want to promote HSA's then they need to gear it up. Easy access to comparison rates, investment vehicle choices, etc. would help the decision-making process. Second, I believe insurance agents are de-incentivized to promote HSA's because they receive lower fees. I just directly contacted an agent and told him the health plan I wanted and the HSA vehicle (for now.) Third, in this day of investment choices, surely one can be offered more than SEVEN choices. I know this situation is similar to the amount of choice offered by an employer for 401K plans. But if the idea of HSA's and 401K's