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Subject:  Re: New CEO, comments on earnings Date:  6/21/2007  9:39 PM
Author:  Har1en Number:  26 of 34

Oh --
I'm not going anywhere. I'm waiting for a fall. I'm only down 7% right now. That's nothing. I usually don't even consider buying another third on something like this until it hits a 20% decline.

The housing slump will continue for a while, but I believe that realtors can make money in good or bad markets, much like stock brokers. Right now, people are waiting, but the waiting won't continue forever. As the mortgages start to age on the teaser rates and the poeple who moved to areas they can't afford, I think we'll see some more movement -- more healthy movement, I hope. This should be good for us in ZIPR.

On another note, have you heard of They are a local company near me here in San Diego, CA. They are private now, I believe, and they are based on the ZIPR idea.

I hear lots of ads for them on the radio. I do not hear much from ZipRealty on the radio, though. I think that their Online-dominant strategy for advertising is something they should augment with more radio spots. When you visit a new city, you're more likely to listen to the radio than you are to go online and househunt, unless you're already in the market. I think they need more mindshare.

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