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Subject:  Re: Dallas sees Sicko Date:  7/8/2007  7:46 AM
Author:  ggiovanni Number:  7860 of 117400

From what I've read, the movie fails on three big points..

You would have a lot more credibility if you actually saw the movie than depending on reading what FoxNews tells you to believe.

a) It never dicusses how much this is going to cost.
Yes, it did. It talks about higher taxes in France. But as they interviewed these higher income people that were taxed more heavily, they still seemed to do just fine.

b) In never discusses or even looks at how other countries fund their 'universal health care' (which usually is universal mandatory payments to the health system whether you are working or not - it is taken out of your unemployment check)......or how it would be paid int he USA...likely the same way. He always expects that magically the money will appear.....

You mean the same magic that right-wingers expect regarding how to pay for Bush's "wonderful" war in Iraq. You do realize it is funded with deficit payments?!

As mentioned in above in a), the movie talked about higher taxes to fund it. By the way, when did you EVER hear your own hero Bush talk about how to fund his war in Iraq? Maybe you should clean up your own back yard before you complain about the other side.

c) He never discusses the waiting lists, cricital doctor shortages and trained professionals, and need to import half the doctors in Britain and other European countries. He never discusses that some will die on the waiting lists for procedures like in Canada. OR that 'second opinions' and other things aren't covered, like plastic surgury?

As mentioned above, it is clear you didn't see the movie and that you are depending on other right-wingers with an agenda. If you had bothered with seeing the movie, you would have seen Moore talk to his relatives in Canada. He brought up the subject of waiting lists and it obviously was not a deal breaker.

By the way, do you see your own contradiction? You are trying to blast the doctor shortages in Canada because of their socialized healthcare. Then in your own writing, your are admitting that they import doctors from Britain. What does Britain have? Socialized healthcare! So, apparently there are NO doctor shortages in Britain, a country with socialized healthcare! Thank you for admitting it.

On a personal note; I worked for a couple of years in Sweden. I still have friends there. They have socialized healthcare. Everyone is part of the system. Every citizen also have the option of being part of a supplemental system, which for a small extra premium allows you to bypass the waiting list. In other words, waiting lists (if there were any) do not have to be problem. It is a made up issue by right-wingers with an agenda, who have never been in other countries with socialized health care.

Additionally, a couple of months ago I tried to visit my knee doctor here in Minnesota. He wasn't available. Do you know why? He was visiting Sweden for business. Apparently a doctor in Sweden had come up with a new procedure for a certain knee surgery and my American doctor wanted to learn more about it. How bad can socialized health care be, when US doctors try to learn from it?

It's nice to think that all these problems will be magically solved with OTHER PEOPLE's money.

Please! OTHER PEOPLE's money? I am paying for your idiotic war in Iraq. I was against it from the get go but I am forced to pay for it. Is it unfair? You are damn right. But I deal with it. It is about time you people also had to pay for something you disapprove of. Deal with it!
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