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Subject:  Here are more boards to meet Date:  7/8/2007  5:41 PM
Author:  TMFSelena Number:  967 of 987

As I've been doing every now and then, I'm once again shining a spotlight here on a few boards. They're below, and they're simply a few from the long lists you'll find linked to in the "Announcements" box to the right.

If any of the following are of some interest, I invite you to pop in and, ideally, post a message. Some sleepy boards may spring to life if one or more people start some conversations. You never know who has their eye on any given board, waiting for someone to say something. Or at least mark some new boards of interest as "Favorite" boards -- by clicking on the red heart icon. That way, if someone posts on them later, you'll notice.


Below are mostly sports-related and religion-related boards, with some other unrelated topics thrown in. Keep scrolling, until you find something of interest -- then consider posting something.

Letters to the Dead

Inspirational Posts:

Spiritual Encouragement:

Spiritual Awakenings:

Faith in a Post-modern World:

Jewish and Foolish:

The Power of Prayer:

Christian Fools:

Christians and Politics:

Catholic Fools:


Hindu Fool:

Fools for Christ:

Bible Studies Daily:

Scriptural Encouragement:

"Chosen to Accept" (Predestination vs. choosing):

Foolish Latter-day Saints:

Tibetan Buddhist Master Board:

Buddhist Fools:

Religion - All About It:

God of the Week:

Fools in Interfaith Marriages:

Atheist Fools:

The Theist/Atheist Dialogs

Atheist Ideas:

Agnostic/Deist Fools:

Pagan Fools:

Creation vs. Evolution:

Arminian Theology

Reformed Theology

Creation vs. Evolution:

Abortion: Right or Wrong?

LASIK Eye surgery: Worth It?


Math Recreations and Puzzles:

Rollercoaster Loving Fools:

Weather and Meteorology:

Hockey Fans:

Wrestling Talk:


Shooting, Hunting, Guns

Guns for Sport and Protection:

Volleyball - Recreational:

Running Fools:

Bicycling Fools:

Swimming Fools:

Foolish Hiking:

Walking Fools:



Paddling Fools (canoes, kayaks, etc.):

SCUBA Diving Fools:

Mixed Martial Arts:


Fencing Fools:


Olympic Games:

Major League Baseball:

77's Foolish House of Pigskin:

Dallas Cowboys:

Football/Soccer Discussions:

College Football:

College Hoops:

NBA Discussions:


715's All Sports:

Gimme My Sports:

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