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Subject:  Re: US-style healthcare a hard sell in Canada Date:  7/9/2007  11:45 AM
Author:  amuseing Number:  7947 of 116946

Had some time this morning so wandered over here.....

I guess the waiting lists aren't as long as telegraph and SeattlePioneer think they are. <LOL>


Being curious about the Canadian wait times I looked around on the internet and found this paper:

Some examples:

Cardiac surgery: The number of angioplasty and bypass surgeries had a combined increase of 51% over five years between 1997–1998 and 2002–2003, amounting to almost 22,000 more surgeries over this period. A group of patients we know most about are new heart attack patients who have angioplasty or bypass surgery within a year. According to CIHI analysis, half of this group waited four days or less for angioplasty and two-and-a-half weeks or less for bypass surgery. However, the 10% of patients who waited the longest had waits that were six or more times longer than those of typical patients.

Hip fractures: In 2002–2003, the number of Canadians hospitalized for hip fractures increased by 2% from five years earlier. In 2003–2004, seven out of eight Canadians underwent surgery to repair a hip fracture within two days of being admitted to hospital, according to new CIHI analysis based on hospital administrative data.

Those don't look so bad but joint replacement is quite a bit longer.... it's an elective surgery and not as critical however.....

Joint replacements: Joint replacement surgeries grew significantly in the five years leading up to 2002–2003. Together, knee and hip replacement surgeries increased 30%, amounting to 11,340 more surgeries over this period. According to the Canadian Joint Replacement Registry, waits for a knee replacement are longer than for a hip replacement, with half of all patients undergoing surgery within seven months for knees and four-and-a-half months for hips. However, 10% of knee replacement patients wait 21 months or more, while 10% of hip replacement patients wait 15 months or more. These results reflect submissions from selected orthopedic surgeons in eight provinces.

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