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Subject:  Re: Health Care: We're missing the big picture, Date:  7/12/2007  12:17 PM
Author:  amuseing Number:  8123 of 116961

Hi Seattle Pioneer,

You said

>As I understand it, lots of doctors live in fear of accusations of malpractice and the stress and anxiety lawsuits routinely cause.<

Speaking for myself and my friends and colleagues I think the initial stressor is the cost of the insurance when we were young and just setting up a practice. Especially if it was a surgical specialty like Ophthalmology or ENT. Added to the bills from college and med school that many of us had plus the cost of the equipment it seemed like it would take forever to get in to the green.

Now, more docs work for HMO's and there is more of a distance from the Insurance costs.

Of all my friends I think I'm the only one that was involved in a lawsuit and that was because I worked with the alledged offender.... never saw or treated the patient myself or even consulted on him verbally. I have chatted with other docs at conferences who've been dragged through lawsuits and it is a real crusher when it happens. There are still many docs out there who come from a real heartfelt place and try every day to bring the best part of themselves to ther work. When they are sued it often stays with them for years.


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